Sayed Rizwan Riz

Syed Rizwan riz is a Faisalabad based calligrapher, born in 1991. He is privileged to have Sir Ejaz yousafi as his mentor.

He has been in his supervision for two years and learnt about ornamental work in calligraphy, especially focusing on Moroccan and italian ornaments. He has exhibited in several group shows and achieved many awards, titles and good recognition. Most Calligraphy is associated with geometric art.

Rizwan gets his inspiration from the proverbs and passages from the holy quran. There are many types of script practiced the world over for calligraphic paintings but for him the most preferable is khat-e-kufi.

He writes Quranic words on canvas in a modren style. Muslim Promoted this script and brought into it. My creativity expresses my broad vision and artistic qualities.

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